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My stab into the massive, space and perspective altering sculpture arena, ‘Iscariot’ is a realization of various recycled ferrous materials such as galvanized steel light poles, plate steel and electrical conduit. Her lines are both figurative and abstract, recognizable and alien. Effectively, she’s my take on a mermaid, having suddenly found impetus to take flight from a perch and swoop gracefully from her recent stance. I drew renaissance lines from Bernini, abstraction from Boccioni, cantilevering from Frank Lloyd Wright and process from David Smith. She’s 4200 pounds frozen in time just before reaching maximum momentum on the upswing into thin air. The fact that she’s “half human” lends a wonderful approachability that is universally understood by young, old, connoisseur and layman alike.




IMG_2488 Iscariot in downtown Loveland IMG_2397 1104081613 IMG_2325 IMG_2365


IMG_2506 IscariotWonderment